Cozy resort very close to Heraklion city. Famous by its well-developed infrustructure and long sand beach. Perfect starting point to travel all over the island:


The capital of Crete and its administrative center. The biggest city in the island. Central Cretan airport is situated here. Heraklion is a really ancient settlement, its history will be interesting for everyone.

Knossos palace

One of the most ancient buildings in the history of human civilization. This palace was called the Minotaur Labyrinth, these rocks witnessed legendary Cretan bull fights.

Agia Pelagia

Is counted as one of the best beaches on Crete. This amazingly beautiful place is very close to Ammoudara – around 20 min by car.


Tiny holiday village for locals charms with its skiey little harbor, decorated with ruins of a ancient castle. The word "Paleokastro" itself means "The old castle".


There are two large waterparks in Crete. Both of them are in the Hersonnisos area, approximately in 40 min driving road from Ammoudara.


The capital of Cretan night life. It makes sense to come here in the evening and party till sunrise - in the local beach bars, clubs, foam parties, join international young companies.

Cretan Aquarium

This place is situated in the former building of the USA military base, which itself is a curious fact. Also, it's the biiggest aquarium in the whole Greece. Here are presented all kinds of fishes and sea creatures, that live in Cretan seas.

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